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We will get a response to you within three weeks. We ask that in within that timeframe that you do not submit to other labels or make it available, prior to our response.  Waiting can be exhausting, so we try to limit the time we take in getting back to you.

We aim to give each label appropriate track a proper review so you will receive helpful and constructive feedback regardless if CSMMSC decides to license your submission.

When we respond with a licensing offer, we ask that you are prepared with the following items:  presskit including images, logos, tracks, links... everything that you have to promote yourself. If you don't have particular items, we can help you develop a concept, and improve your own visibility.

Our artists receive a lot more than just a signing. They are a part of a fast growing brand, will have access to exclusive items and tracks, promotional and marketing opportunities, and most importantly, they will be supported for their talent and available catalog, not just their release(s) on Causam Music.

We are pushing a collaborative effort, and want to make the label/performer relationship a little more production and beneficial. While we do have exclusivity in our contracts,  our initial signings will be for a limited time period. That may open the door up for you to be signed at a larger imprint and we are not looking to impede that. 

When our ARTISTS thrive. WE thrive.

YES! I want to submit my track!

I'm not ready for all this. 

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